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This one for the student traveler, the 9-to-5 nomad, and the weekend adventurer. Nomad’er the Distance was made for inspiring big adventure on a ‘normal’ person’s time budget.




Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market

The Chatuchak Weekend Market is bargain shopper's dream come true. Once visited only by wholesalers and traders, the market is now a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Bangkok. I visited Chatuchak several times throughout my semester [...]

How to Bargain in Thailand

Shopping in Thailand is an attraction of its own. This is a country with absolutely world-class markets stuffed to the brim with colorful clothing, trinkets, and home goods. It's thrilling stepping into a Thai market for [...]

How I Afford to Travel as a Student

You're young and you want to see the world, but you can barely afford a box of mac n cheese. How do you afford to travel as a student? That's the question I get most frequently [...]

Vegan Camping Meal Ideas

How do you know someone's vegan? They'll probably tell you -- or write a bunch of blog posts about it. I know this is a travel blog but a big part of my travels is finding [...]

Kayaking the Apostle Islands Sea Caves

Northern Wisconsin isn't the first place most people think of for a getaway destination. Wisconsin has a reputation for being nothing but cheese, beer, and farmland. In fact, a lot of people outside the US aren't [...]