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A Beginner’s Guide to Surfing in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of my favorite countries I have ever visited. This little island nation is the perfect mixture of bustling cities, mouthwatering local cuisine, and incredible natural beauty. During [...]

Where to Next? My Upcoming Adventures

I can tell I've been in one place for far too long when I start browsing Skyscanner with the destination set as "Anywhere". I really wish I were at a [...]

Travel Plan With Me — Vegan Edition

I am a textbook overplanner. When I'm excited about a new destination I will research it until I know every fact available on the internet. I'll research the menus of [...]

Learning Spanish in Guatemala

Guatemala is the perfect destination for learning Spanish. It's close to the US, it's cheap, and there's probably no one there you know to make fun of how badly you [...]

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