Caffeinating Our Way Through Seattle

/Caffeinating Our Way Through Seattle

Caffeinating Our Way Through Seattle

I always knew me and Seattle would get along nicely. Ocean views, mountain hikes, and the most coffee shops per capita? Sign me up. Yet somehow I had never visited this highly caffeinated West Coast wonder. For spring break this year, my boyfriend and I decided to take our first trip together. I had some travel credit on Southwest from a trip I had to cancel earlier in the year so when Spring break rolled around there was only one US destination on my mind.

We knew we would be exhausted from a long day of travel so on our first full day in Seattle we decided to take ourselves on a little tour. A coffee tour to be exact. We split a small coffee at each location but by the end of the day the caffeine jitters were real.

My amazing boyfriend has offered to help me write up some reviews for you guys. So here you go — a list of all the coffee shops we visited along with our honest ratings.

Tully’s Coffee

Leah (4/10)

I expected more for a chain coffee shop in Seattle. The coffee we had tasted stale and old and there was no depth to the flavor. I love cozy little coffee shops and this particular location wasn’t cozy at all. It almost looked like a dining hall at a really small college. I could see it as a decent place to get some studying done but I wouldn’t go there to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. If I ever go to a big chain in Seattle again I’ll stick with Starbucks.

Jake (4/10)

We had high expectations for one of the most popular coffee shop chains in Seattle. Upon entering the coffee shop we were immediately unimpressed with the lackluster atmosphere of the building. It almost felt like we entered a school cafeteria coffee shop. We went with a small cup of their light roast. The caffeine was a good start to our day, but it was nothing to write home about. Unimpressed, we immediately started planning our next destination.

Moore Coffee Shop

Leah (7/10)

This was a really tiny coffee shop tucked that you would definitely pass if you weren’t looking for it. It’s family owned and operated since 2011. They are known for their really impressive latte art — we saw a few Teddy bears and puppies drawn in foam. The coffee was rich and deep but not too bitter. The aftertaste reminded me of tequila…in kind of a good way. I would definitely come back here and try one of their purple taro lattes.

Jake (8/10)

I was initially surprised by this tiny coffee shop in the heart of downtown, but my spirits were lifted by the sound of Latin Music and light aroma of just-brewed espresso. While standing in line, our attention was drawn to the perfect Teddy Bear face drawn in the latte of the customer before us. We were feeling some jitters from our prior surge of caffeine, and so we shared the smallest coffee they served. The coffee was superb. With a slight bitterness and a tequila aftertaste (weird, I know – but well worth the try!), the well-balanced coffee was quickly polished off by Leah and I. We were very impressed with this small hidden gem in the depths of downtown Seattle.

Fonté Coffee Roaster

Leah (8.5/10)

This was an amazing cup of coffee. The shop was a little too upscale for my taste but the seating was comfortable. Maybe a little too comfortable — there were two people passed out in the booths next to their homework. The wifi was also decent.

Jake (7.5/10)

My first impression of this large coffee shop/restaurant was a dim-lit, slightly moody seating area with an upbeat atmosphere and a modern look. We were impressed by the personal glass water bottles that were placed on a table in the middle of the room, and they allowed you to bring the bottle to your table. The coffee here was good, but nothing incredibly noteworthy, but something about the atmosphere caused us to linger for almost an hour. The best way I can describe the atmosphere of Fonte Coffee is entertaining – good music, eye-catching decorations, and a joyful staff.

Cherry Street Coffee

Leah (8/10)

Cherry Street was a charming coffee shop with good ambiance. The interior was cozy and the walls were covered with interesting artwork and posters. The coffee was absolutely delicious. I could have easily spend the entire afternoon here.

Jake (7/10)

We were strolling around Belltown when we found Cherry Street Coffee. The shop was covered with awesome decorations and flyers with local events. The coffee was very good – well balanced with a distinct bitter, oaky flavor that was distinct. Sitting in red living room chairs watching cars pass by provided for a very memorable experience. This gem in Belltown had a great Seattle vibe and was a highlight of our Seattle coffee tour.


These were just the shops we visited on our first day in the city. During our visit we also visited Victrola Coffee Roasters and Katy’s Corner Café which were both excellent!


What’s your favorite Seattle coffee shop?

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  1. Lauren Lindmark May 8, 2017 at 2:52 pm - Reply

    Love how you rated the coffee shops! Sounds like an amazing trip 🙂 Traveling with your significant other is always so much fun 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark |

    • Leah May 9, 2017 at 12:55 pm - Reply

      Thanks Lauren! We’re both huge coffee lovers so we had a lot of fun putting this post together.

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