Cozy Cafes and Fairy Lights // A Romantic Weekend in Copenhagen

/Cozy Cafes and Fairy Lights // A Romantic Weekend in Copenhagen

Cozy Cafes and Fairy Lights // A Romantic Weekend in Copenhagen

We couldn’t be together for Valentine’s Day this year so Jake and I decided to plan a romantic weekend in Copenhagen at the end of February. Temperatures in Copenhagen are pretty brutal at this time of year so we planned for a lot of coffee shop cuddles and warming up with some craft beers. I wasn’t convinced there would be enough activities in Copenhagen to fill a long weekend but I was pleasantly surprised and we actually ended up doing a lot! Here’s how we spent a perfect romantic weekend in Copenhagen.

Day one: Arriving to Copenhagen

Both of our flights got in to the Copenhagen airport pretty late on Thursday night. Luckily the Metro runs right from the airport to the city center in about 20 minutes. From the Metro stop Nørreport, our hostel was just a short bus ride away. We had a little trouble figuring out which bus was going which way. We must have looked lost or the bus driver felt bad for us because he let us get on without paying.

Pro tip: I could NOT figure out the Copenhagen airport WiFi which was so frustrating when I was trying to find Jake in the airport. If you’re going to be in the Copenhagen airport I’ll save you a headache. Choose the CPH Hotspot WiFi then open your browser and type in in the search bar. From there you’re just one button click away from all the birb GIFs your heart desires. You’re welcome.

Day Two: Exchanging Valentine’s Gifts

On Friday, we woke up early to exchange our late Valentine’s gifts. I’m not too big into accumulating more stuff so I love giving (and receiving) gifts that are beautiful and practical.

I was so excited to get Jake an original wood watch from Jord Watches. It was so much fun picking out the design and I even got it engraved with lyrics from one of our favorite Oh Wonder songs. I knew he would love it and he told me over and over throughout the weekend that it was the absolute perfect gift. Mission accomplished.

He was so excited about his watch that I decided to team up with Jord to do a little giveaway. From now until March 25, you can enter to win my $100 Jord Watch Giveaway. Click this link here to enter to win!

Jake planned a whole sweet day of activities for my Valentine’s gift. First on the agenda for the day (and every day) was to find a good cup of coffee. We made our way over to the cozy and super romantic Torvehallerne market to start the day with some of Denmark’s best coffee.

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After our cozy morning at the market we braced the cold and wandered the streets, dodging cyclists and admiring all the colorful buildings. In the afternoon we grabbed a few beers from the supermarket and cuddled up by one of the main bridges. The goal was to watch the sun go down but the freezing temperatures scared us off before we could witness the main event.

For dinner, Jake was sweet enough to scope out a pizza place with a vegan option on the menu. Pizzeria La Fiorita was a short (but cold) walk from our hostel and served up some incredible and authentic wood fired pizza. So authentic they even have a “Made by Italians” sign on the door. This place was also really reasonably priced for Copenhagen. A full pizza started at around $8.50. Perfect for us, because we were ballin’ on a budget.

The main part of the gift was surprise tickets to Tivoli Gardens — one of the oldest amusement parks in Europe. Apparently Tivoli Gardens is actually the inspiration behind the Disney parks. Tivoli was absolutely dreamy with all of the Christmas lights still up from the holiday season. As freezing as it was, it was still so magical to walk around and look at the fairy lights, drink mulled wine, and warm up by the little fire pits scattered around the park. There are some bigger rides and roller coasters but we were perfectly content just wandering around and taking everything in. We did go down the kiddy slide inside an igloo though.

Day Three: Walking Tour of Copenhagen

On Saturday we grabbed some delicious but overpriced coffee again at the same market we visited the day before. Then we made our way over to the big tourist attraction of Copenhagen: Nyhavn. This area is best known for its 17th century colorful houses lining the waterway. Once notorious for drunk sailors and prostitution, this is now the most iconic tourist area of Copenhagen and is surrounded by mansions and expensive bars and restaurants.

Our afternoon was spent touring the city with Jake’s friend Christian, who lives in Copenhagen. He took us past the Queen’s palace and we watched the guards march back and forth. Christian told us that all of the guards are 18 year-olds fresh out of high school who didn’t want to join the military. We also visited the small but intricate royal cathedral.

Our self-guided tour also brought us to one of the most underwhelming tourist attractions in the world: the little mermaid statue. People from all over the world visit this tiny statue that is a symbol of the city for reasons that are beyond my comprehension.

Our little tour also took us to Freetown Christiana, a self-governed hippy commune where just about anything goes. The city-within-a-city is brightly colored, covered in graffiti and art, and is famous for its main street called “Pusher Street” — which is pretty much what it sounds like. We ended the day with a hot drink at a rooftop Café. The sun was setting and the city was just starting to light up — I see you setting the mood, Copenhagen.

Copenhagen has a really great craft beer scene. We found an amazing brewery named BRUS that had a huge menu full of their in-house brewed craft beers and cocktails. Unfortunately, I had a seriously sensitive stomach all weekend long and I wasn’t trying to make my mark (again) on the streets of Copenhagen so Jake had to drink for two that night.

Day Four: Fine art, naps, and craft beer

By day four we were pretty exhausted and done with the cold weather. Our original plan was to visit the highly recommended Design Museum but it ended up being closed. We found another free museum called the David Collection and spent our morning exploring its four floors of Arabic and European art and artifacts.

Normally I don’t like to take naps while I’m traveling because I feel like it’s a waste of time, but the cold and exhaustion got the best of us. After the museum, we cuddled up in our hostel and got some much-needed rest.

I was finally feeling well enough to eat and drink so we made dinner and re-visited the craft brewery BRUS. I sampled a vanilla peach Gose beer, a grapefruit Wheat, a brown ale, and sipped on some of Jake’s different IPAs they had on tap.

Day Five: Parting ways

We were so sad to end our romantic weekend in Copenhagen on Monday. I had pretty low expectations for Copenhagen but it absolutely charmed me with its colorful houses, cute cafes, and delicious craft beer scene. It had been the perfect romantic weekend in Copenhagen.

We head out to Nyhavn one last time to take a few more pictures and then spent the rest of the morning sipping coffee in our hostel cafe. I’ll be posting a full review of this eco-friendly, volunteer run hostel soon.


It’s always sad to part ways, but we are super excited for our upcoming adventures together. Stay tuned for all of the fun places we’ll be traveling to together over the next couple of months.

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